Our Top 3 Collaboration and Project Management Tools (August 2022)

Edward Lologa

Aug 16 . 1min

Whatever role or industry you work in, you are sure to use some collaboration and project management tools. But with thousands of options out there, how do you know which ones are the best for you? Maybe we can help – here are my favourite collaboration and project management tools (all with free versions available!):



This may feel obvious, but it’s one of the first apps I open every day! And for good reason. Slack can integrate with over 2,200 other tools that help reduce double handling when needing to connect with task and project management tools. It also allows integration with email clients including Office 365 and Gmail.

In addition to internal collaboration, Slack provides an instant tool to communicate with external parties like clients or third party partners, in addition to email. You can easily create channels and group by client or projects that allow for organised and focused communications.

When it comes to communicating and teamwork among colleagues and clients, Slack can do it all!


Google Workspace Document Tools

Who doesn’t love Google these days? It’s hard to go past all the amazing tools they offer for free! Google Documents in particular is a tool I love, thanks to its simplicity of having multiple people edit simultaneously, comments notifications and alerts, and easy integration with your calendar.

It also has some really useful features like referencing meeting notes and files:

There is also a really cool new feature that allows users to create a draft email (Gmail) directly from docs with the ability to have other users collaborate and edit. This is super useful if sending an important email that requires others to have their eyes or input on.

Another new feature I love is the Building blocks feature, which has pre-built templates for common project management tracking tasks. Status column automatically adds in dropdown options as well, which is a neat feature.

Project management


Tracking tasks, time, and budgets, delegating to the right team members and keeping written records of work done – sounds like lots of manual work or lots of different tools, right? Say hello to Asana (if you haven’t already).

Asana allows you to tailor how you want to view data in many various ways so that you can report on what is most important and useful for the project/client you are working on. It has integrations that allow users to do everything directly through Asana. For project managers, logging tasks, time tracking tools and budgeting can be easily tracked with third party integrations, so you can condense the amount of tools to consistently access and have open.

Workflow automations save project managers (like me!) a lot of time. Easily set up recurring tasks or automations with tasks when updated ensures time efficiencies through repetitive administrative tasks and tasks getting missed.

Asana is also highly customisable, with flexibility in how you organise and view tasks depending on the style that your projects are being managed.


There are so many tools to help make managing projects and working with teams easier, but these are my cannot-live-withouts. Let me know what yours are on our Instagram!

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