Our Top Four Favourite Shopify Themes for CRO & UX (June 2021)

Erin Payne

Jun 14 . 4 min

Shopify has thousands of themes on offer and picking the perfect one can be a little overwhelming. While whatever theme you choose may do the job, they are not all created equal.

At iterate, we are super focused on creating sites that offer great user experience, encourage sales, and are SEO friendly. Working within Shopify stores is part of our jobs and over time we have found a few themes that we consider favourites.

Our criteria when narrowing down our choices included having product variants, categorisation and filtering options, a gallery of images, and AfterPay integration. While all the themes we chose are paid, they prevent the need for these features to be hardcoded in the future, ultimately saving you money.

So, if you need help finding a Shopify theme that ticks all the boxes, read on!


A beautiful, modern design, Envy works well for fashion and lifestyle brands. This theme is top of our list for a reason! It has a mega-menu ability with image callouts, great categorisation and filtering, and image hotspot linking for an Instagram-like shopping experience. It also provides zooming on product images and it’s super easy to find product variants like colours and patterns for your products.



Beautiful and bold, featuring full-screen imagery, Showcase is perfect for start-ups, boutiques, artisans and craftsmen. The theme comes with a burger menu option and collections and categories on the homepage. It also has some really great options to call out USPs on the home page and the ability to add video behind your call to action boxes.



From startups to world-class brands, Maker is made for ideas of all sizes. One of the things we love most about this theme is that the product pages have space for icons to call out product features, which offers a great user experience. The theme also has size and colour selection on product pages and local pick up selection for smaller and closer stores.



Clean and minimal, Broadcast is a great alternative to blogs for fashion brands, while still being good for SEO. It features a very clean design for minimalist brands without skimping on important features. Customer testimonials and reviews pull through to product pages, colour swatches are available on product pages, product images change as you hover, and the theme allows sort by and filtering, an eCommerce essential.


How to choose a theme

While we love all of the themes we’ve mentioned, it’s important to find the right one for your eCommerce store. When we look at themes, we consider the following points:

  • What are the three top features the theme must have?
  • What is the budget for the theme?
  • What kind of images will be used on the site?
  • How many products will be sold on the site?
  • Is the theme easy to use from a consumer perspective?
  • Is the theme mobile friendly and conversion optimised?
  • Has the theme been used by similar brands?


By answering these questions, we can identify if a theme is suitable for a client or brand we are working with.

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions for good reason but it is also home to lots of different themes and options. If you need help picking a theme or want a little more information on our favourites, get in touch with our team of SEO and CRO specialists today.

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