Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

Edward Lologa

Feb 10 . 3min

We’re a month into the new year and we are already seeing some trends in digital marketing. As a hyperconnected world becomes the norm with people stuck inside, search engines getting smarter as technology evolves, and users asking for more from their online experience every day, there are several trends we are seeing in 2022 and beyond:

Video as a preferred medium

Video is growing all the time. Users want to digest information easily, they want to multitask while they do so, and they want it to be fun (as much as possible). This is where video ticks all the boxes. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular social platform in Australia, with 16 million unique monthly visitors, and videos in posts increasing traffic from search results by 157% (Take a Tumble). We’re not saying make every piece of content into a video, but if it fits, make it happen!


Repurposing content

This has been a trend for many years, but it is one that is sticking around in 2022. By giving your content extra mileage, you get more out of your hard work and opportunities to capture people in different ways.

When creating content, think about all the different channels and formats it could be in. For example, a frequently asked question could be in a FAQs section on your site, then explained further in a blog, demonstrated in a video, shared in an EDM, and brought back into something short and sweet through your social media channels.

Integration of data sources

In a highly connected world, we have more data than we know what to do with but if you can bring it together, it can be incredibly powerful. What tools do you use across your marketing and business, and how could these work together to provide a more integrated and streamlined outcome? Think about how you can bring together things like client management, sales, emails, accounts, websites, and social media, and use this data to guide your marketing and sales efforts for better results.

User experience at the forefront

With several Google Updates in 2021 centred around user experience, putting the user first has never been more important. Experts continue to push optimising for the user – not the bots – and this is set to be an even bigger focus in 2022.

Ask yourself: How can I make every brand interaction positive? How can I create relevance in every interaction? How will I want my brand to be remembered after each interaction? Make sure to combine user experience with your other marketing activities to get the most out of them.

Create more experiences

Along the same lines as user experience, digital marketing in 2022 is all about the experiences users have with your brand. Create an experience at every stage of interaction to keep users engaged!


Word of Mouth marketing

Also referred to as WOM, word of mouth marketing is still a huge driving force for marketing activities for many brands. You hear it all the time, but there is nothing like the referral from someone you trust. In fact, a study by Nielson found that 83% of respondents from 60 countries trust recommendations from friends and family, and 66% trust online recommendations. Another study found that 74% of purchasers (auto, beauty, and smartphone categories) identify word of mouth as the main point of influence for purchasing decisions (Google, TNS, & Ogilvy).

How does this apply to digital marketing? Trust cues and social proof. Make sure you add these to your site to build online WOM.

There are a lot of exciting changes in digital marketing all the time and 2022 is no exception. If you need help navigating these trends or any changes in digital, give us a call, we’d be happy to help!

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