A Look Back at 2021: A Few of Our Favourite Things

Erin Payne

Dec 10 .

It’s cliché but it’s true – how crazy is it that 2021 is almost over? It’s been a huge year for iterate – we;

  • Gained three new team members
  • Officially separated from Klyp to become our own agency
  • Grew our clients and projects by 325%
  • Hosted a webinar and created two downloadables (SEO and Digital PR)
  • Consumed over 2,000 coffees and teas while working!
    (and Kim alone consumed about 231 pre-workouts – her version of coffee in the morning)


To wrap it all up, we wanted to look back on some of our favourite things, as well as our plans over the break:


Top artist/s for work tunes: Pitbull – that’s a joke, however, play Pitbull and you’ll immediately get me on the dance floor. 🎵

Favourite moment in the office: Any time we hired a new team member. I enjoy the onboarding process and having someone new on the team bring their experience and personality into the office. Slushie Day and the Marchiocart Tournament were pretty cool too!

Most shocking industry update: Any time Google decided to update Schema markup and only provide a link to Schema.org with the old structured data format. Thanks Google…

Predictions for 2022: More emphasis on experience metrics, core web vitals, and engagement tracking. Sites who put their users’ experience first will hopefully be prioritised, although we’re still seeing far too many sites with terrible experience rank higher due to black hat SEO tactics.

Your favourite app, tool, or software for work: Absolutely Figma!

Holiday plans: Christmas Eve with my family, which involves a pool party and fire pit, then Christmas lunch with the family. Hopefully involving a lot of Oysters. And of course, tones of horse riding over the break. 🐎


Top artist/s for work tunes: Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, and Tame Impala.

Favourite moment in the office: I really enjoyed the Klyp Halloween party – it was a good chance to dress up and hang out with the team outside of work.

Most shocking industry update: Bootstrap v5.0 coming out woo! For those who aren’t developers, Bootstrap is a free and open-source collection of CSS and JavaScript/jQuery code used for creating dynamic layout websites and web applications. It’s a really valuable tool!

Predictions for 2022: Iterate to double in size. 😎

Your favourite app, tool, or software for work: I love Figma! It is such a good free tool for design and collaboration. Also from a dev standpoint, Visual Studio Code is a great tool, which allows many extensions.

Holiday plans: I am going to Victoria with my partner’s family. Super keen. ✈️


Top artist/s for work tunes: Spotify tells me I listened to Aurora, Halsey, and BMTH the most this year. Make of that what you will!

Favourite moment in the office: probably a tie between whenever we have a board game night and when we did our Christmas shoot! It’s nice to work in an office where we are encouraged to have fun and come up with cool ideas. 🎄

Most shocking industry update: Google’s weird twists on headers and title tags! Like, what are you doing Google? While they still revert to title tags most of the time, Ahrefs completed a study that found Google rewrites title tags approximately 33% of the time (in comparison to what the search engine giant themselves say: just 13% of the time).

Predictions for 2022: A continued focus on the user. Google is already making moves in that direction and it’s the ultimate goal for searching the web, so I can only imagine there will be more user experience updates and more focus on white hat SEO.

Your favourite app, tool, or software for work: it’s nothing fancy, but I love Google’s Tag Assistant – it has helped me figure out tracking so much! I also love organisational apps – I have Google Calendar open always and use TimeTree personally. 📅

Holiday plans: we have family over to our house for Christmas day and it’s all around very chill! We open presents, prep and cook together, and eat on the deck overlooking our huge Japanese maple, with a Christmas cocktail in hand (mum and I make something different every year!). Also want to get to the beach at some point, play some DND, and do lots of nothing!


Top artist/s for work tunes: Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Cosmo’s Midnight, and Masego.

Favourite moment in the office: Can’t go past homemade cookies on my first day – thanks Erin! 🍪

Most shocking industry update: Facebook turning off all news pages – the world was about to end that day.

Predictions for 2022: 100% growth in client numbers (hence why we need the Iterate team to double in size, ala Ben’s response!)

Your favourite app, tool, or software for work: the Chrome extension, ‘Detailed‘. I have found it to be quite a handy little tool for quick SEO checks.

Holiday plans: Family, food, and more food. Plus, beach hopping, likely around the Gold Coast. 🏖️

And that’s all from us for 2021!

A reminder that our office is closed from 24 December – 3 January, with our team returning on the 4 January, but we are available in emergencies as always.

We hope you enjoy the holidays, however you celebrate them, and look forward to seeing all our clients and partners in the new year!


Erin Payne

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