Is Your Website Ready for Click Frenzy? 5 Tips to Prepare

Erin Payne

Oct 27 .

Click Frenzy is around the corner – and along with it a whole host of big sale days to round out the year. It is crucial to ensure your website is ready for the traffic and opportunities that could be coming, so you can make the most of this period. To help you out, we have 5 tips to get your site prepared so you can stand up to the competition before game time!

Our top 5 tips

1. Make sure the journey is intuitive

Does your navigation make it easy for users to filter and find the products they’re looking for? If only certain items are on sale, do you have a sale specific page? Your customer is likely looking at lots of websites for similar products and deals and their experience on your site counts. Check out the competition and see what their user journey is like. The less clicks to purchase, the better.

2. Users want user generated content

Make sure you’re pulling through images from past customers either through your Instagram feed or another plugin to show your products being used by others. People love to see the product in a real-life scenario and it never hurts to pull that through to your website using a simple plugin (and it’s easy peasy if you’re using Shopify!).

3. Boast about your rep!

Do you make use of your product star ratings at a glance, or do users have to go hunting for them? Do you highlight your best reviews on top products? Users want to know why you are the best shop to purchase from – so make it obvious! There are plenty of plugins and embed codes to help pull this info through.

4. Make discounts and offers easy to find and apply

It’s sadly super common that shops don’t have offers easily accessible or the coupon code section obvious in checkout. Consider using a sitewide sale to auto-discount the products (particularly during big events like Click Frenzy) instead of a code that needs to be remembered. We know coupons can sometimes be easier to implement depending on your system, so if that’s the case, make it super easy to find, and make the code easy to copy and paste (or remember).

5. Make sure checking out is easy

This ties a little into point 4, but there’s a reason why people have abandoned checkout email marketing! Checking out should clearly show what shipping costs and how to add discounts, as well as using integrations that make it easier to add customer details, like express checkout.

Bonus round!

We tried to narrow down our tips to five, but there’s always room for more! Some other things we recommend (but didn’t quite make it into our list), include:

  • Optimised category content
    Think page headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions. These are what will pull someone onto your site from search results and are therefore the most important for getting that sweet click-through (alongside good rankings).
  • Page speed
    This is pretty essential, but we put it in the bonus round as all sites should be checking their speed throughout the year – not just during sales time! However, with the possibility of more people on your site, it is crucial you make sure your site is fast and prepared for additional customers. You can test your site here.
  • Enough product information
    A picture, price, and sizing is hardly enough for new customers. While loyal customers will know what they are looking for and what your products are like, details like feel, sizing (measurements), what something is made of, what should be bought with it, and even video content can all help sway a purchase decision for someone new.
  • Rewarding loyalty
    Do you have a loyalty program? This is the perfect time to encourage return customers by signing them up for your loyalty program or mailing list. Make sure it’s clear what the values are when the user signs up and how you differ from your competitors.

So, how many of these tips are you already on top of? Maybe you’re smashing it, or maybe you need a little extra help. If you do, we specialise in eCommerce digital experience across a number of popular platforms and we’d be happy to help you smash some goals for Click Frenzy and beyond!

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What is Click Frenzy and how does it work?

Click Frenzy is an Australian initiative that was born 10 years ago from the popular Cyber Weekend deals seen in the USA. Click Frenzy basically acts as a marketplace for all of the biggest deals that are available during the limited time window.

If you want to be part of it, take a look at our sister agency Agora’s article about how to make the most of the sale period, whether you join officially or unofficially! This article looks at the other areas of marketing, making it a great match to this article so you are prepared from all angles.

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