What’s NOT in the Perfect Shopify Checkout Funnel

Erin Payne

Nov 14 .

We’re in the thick of sales season and the festive period, customers are adding to cart left, right, and centre, they get to the checkout then…. They leave? Abandoned checkouts are nothing new, but often people rely on email marketing to capture those who don’t purchase when the issue could be more than that.

Is your Shopify checkout optimised to capture those shoppers? See if any of these areas need work on your site before Back Friday sales:

You need to sign in to check out

Making a purchase on a website requires a lot of information – your address, phone number, name, shipping option, etc. While having this ready to go makes the process easier, not everyone wants their information saved or to have to make an account to buy with you. In fact, forcing shoppers to create an account causes 34% to abandon their cart. This is why it is crucial that shoppers can checkout as a guest.

No express checkout

We mentioned this briefly in previous sales season articles, but customers have come to expect checking out FAST. And Shopify makes it a lot easier through Shop Pay, which gives users 1-click checkouts by securely auto filling details via text verification. Even if they are new customers, as long as they have shopped somewhere with Shop Pay before, their details will pull through.

There is no chat support

I know when something goes wrong and there is no easy way to figure out why or rectify it, I will likely jump ship. And on the other end of the spectrum, there have been times when I have used live chat in a shop and it has increased my love of that brand. Alternatively, a FAQs page can also help with most common questions.

Shipping is expensive

We’ve all been there, you add a whole bunch of products, get to the checkout, and shipping costs half of what your purchase costs! No thank you. You go to the next store, and while shipping is still high, they have a deal where you get free shipping if you spend over $100, automatically applied. Well, the Christmas list just got shorter. A minimum order requirement for shoppers to earn free shipping is a tactic that has been proven to influence 58% of people to spend more.

There is only one option to pay and ship

You’re probably getting the trend at this point – people want things to be easy! This also means different selections for paying and shipping. I know I love when I can see options for Afterpay or Paypal and being able to see the difference between standard and express shipping. People want options, so give it to them!

You don’t show the checkout flow

Sometimes checking out can be a complicated process, and even if it’s easy, customers want to make sure they do it right. Having the steps shown and where a shopper is up to can make a huge difference to their experience.

Your site isn’t mobile friendly

It is predicted that 187.5 million people will shop via mobile devices by 2024 and it’s pretty common knowledge that people use their mobile devices to look at sites more than 50% of the time already. Your checkout process needs to be mobile-friendly if you’re to stand a chance at getting that purchase all the way to “pay”. Shopify is pretty good at making sites responsive, but reviewing your checkout on a mobile device is important to make sure nothing is out of place

example of checkout using petbarn and what we would get for maple

At the end of the day, there is always the chance someone will abandon cart even if you have the perfect checkout funnel. But you can reduce that percentage dramatically if you do it right (plus adding some emails to back it up). Consider implementing some of the above tips, test and measure, and good luck this sales season!

Need more advice? We specialise in eCommerce digital experience and would love to help you smash some goals this sales season so get in touch!

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