Iterations Vol.3 | September 2021

Kimberley Maunder

Sep 01 . 2 min

A Jam Packed Update for Our Website

We’ve been ticking away here at iterate making some more changes to our website, including; FAQs, schema markup, a new case study, services redesign, and launching an SEO copy guide! We said this update would be jam packed so let’s get into it.

What we got up to

We made 5 major changes to our website this past 2 months, some of these changes were made to improve the user experience or optimise the website for search while the others were new additions to add extra value for our users.

FAQs & Schema Markup

If you visit any of our services pages, like this one for example, and scroll down to the bottom you’ll find some FAQs. We implemented this section to help answer our client’s most burning questions that we get asked at the start of any chat about Digital Experience. This also let us add a bit of schema markup so not only could we answer the questions on the page, but also in SERPs.


A New Services Section Design for our Home Page

We made this change for two main reasons; 

  1. The original layout didn’t work as effectively on mobile devices. It was clearly created for desktop and ‘made to work’ on mobile instead of putting mobile devices first. 
  2. Users tended to skip this section on desktop devices so we wanted to re-work it for a higher engagement rate. 
  3. The original layout didn’t include as much information as we wanted it to and the existing design wasn’t flexible enough to allow for this extra text and icons. 

A new case study

We launched our latest case study for UNE Partnerships. You can see a preview of our awesome results to the right. We got these results just 1 month after the launch of UNE Partnerships’ new website design. 

We were very pleased to have achieved such great results so quickly after a smooth launch.


Our SEO Guide for Writing Optimised Copy

Erin and Ben worked very hard last month to write, design, and launch a free downloadable guide for optimising copy for your website. The guide covers;

  • How to do keyword research without any tools
  • Developing your brand’s tone of voice
  • Writing for different pages on your website
  • How to craft metadata and headers
  • Optimising your content for keywords and interlinking

The to-do list

Another New Case Study!

We’ve been revving up our case study efforts, our next one will be bringing you the results of our latest Shopify re-theme for our client, Rent This Bike, who specialise in motorcycle rental. We scored some pretty great results for this eCommerce website and we’re keen to share for anybody who might be thinking about re-theming their website before black friday sales. 

A Digital PR Guide

Erin has been working on our next downloadable for Digital PR after launching our Copywriting guide last month. We know you’re keen for the juicy details and agency secrets to be exposed to hang tight as it’s coming within the next few weeks! No pressure Erin. 

Top Secret Tools 

Ben has still been working in the background on a few interactive tools and calculators in between smashing client goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

The Wrap Up

And once again that’s a wrap on our July/August work for Iterations Volume 3. We hope you enjoyed this major update and don’t forget to check out our website to see our new additions up close and personal! 

Kimberley Maunder

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