Iterations Vol.2 | July 2021

Kimberley Maunder

Jul 15 . 2 min

A Well Overdue Update Article

Well, it has been a very fast 4 months since our last website update. What has happened since then? We hired two new team members, had our official launch party, and took on a whole range of new clients before the end of the financial year. We’ve been busy bees working on smashing results for our clients but also for ourselves. We turned our focus to SEO and a few CRO improvements to the website. And spoiler alert… they paid off big time.

Our Three Major Changes

We made three main changes to our website, one was a menu update, the other was adding a new section of content to every service page.


Menu Update for a Clear CTA

We wanted a clear separation between our menu items, and our ‘get in touch’ links, which are a phone call and contact button. This makes it easier for users to spot the clear CTA well above the fold.

More Content & Explanation Around Services

We did this for two reasons; 

  1. Clients were coming to us after viewing the website with questions around what services we offer. We get it, Digital Experience is still pretty new, so we wanted to be clear about what we do offer because you don’t know what to ask for if you don’t even know what’s available!
  2. We love any opportunity to add value to a page while adding more content for Google to crawl.

Improvements to Page Performance

We hosted a webinar on Google’s Core Algorithm update, which was all to do with Core Web Vitals. Did you think we weren’t going to take our own advice and optimise our website too? We’re wellll ahead of you. We actually did this a few months ago and we’ve been waiting for the update to hit to reap the fruits of our labour. 

Results We Saw

Now for the juicy results that everybody loves. After implementing the new content we saw:

  • +180% Increase in Impressions (even more of a boost since the June Core Update – Thanks Google!)
  • +72% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Bounce Rate Decrease by 24%

Some Humble Brags

We started ranking between position 1 – 3 for ux and cro agency and we pushed up to page one for keywords like cro agency Brisbane. That’s all we’ll disclose in case our competitors are watching but we’re pretty chuffed with all the green + increases we’ve been seeing in SEMRush – not to mention our SERP visibility increasing each month.

The to-do list

A New Case Study – We Can’t Wait!

Behind the scenes, our super speedy developer, Ben, has been working hard to develop our latest case study. We’ll be releasing it soon, so keep an eye out for it on our socials. 


FAQs for your Pressing Questions (And Schema)

We get tonnes of questions about SEO, CRO, and UX so we’ve popped the most popular ones into some FAQs that we’ll be adding to the website very soon. Alongside this update is the addition of Schema, because who would add FAQs to their website and not also add Schema? Someone who isn’t in SEO, we assume. 


A Digital PR and Copywriting Guide

Our queen of content, Erin, has been creating some useful downloadables that your team can use to kickstart your SEO. We’re always here if you need an extra hand with strategy and technical SEO but if someone from your team is keen on PR and content, Erin has got you covered! 


Top Secret Tools

Remember how I said Ben was developing our upcoming case study? Well, he’s also been working in the background on a few interactive tools and calculators since he joined the team. We swear there’s nothing he can’t do!


The Wrap Up

That’s it for July folks, keep an eye on our socials as we slowly release those items on our to-do list. And if you need improvements like these on your website, we’re always keen to catch up for coffee. Just pop your details below and we’ll reach out to you! 

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