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Rent This Bike

We helped Rent This Bike obtain some fantastic results on a smaller budget by optimising their Shopify website for a higher conversion rate. Rather than customising their existing theme we re-themed their website and based our optimisation around the new design.

Before we get into the details...

Results, 1 Week After Launch

We were pretty stoked with the results of this simple theme re-fresh. We kept the cost to the client low, but managed to get results through the roof!

So far we’ve got a weeks worth of data and we’re quietly confident that this website will keep smashing goals. We’ll update the numbers as they change.




Conversion Rate



The cost of a low

Conversion Rate

Rent This Bike was working with our sister agency, Agora, seeing some pretty great results, but they knew it could be better. The problem with a low conversion rate is that no matter how much you spend on your ads, you’ll always need to spend more to make more. That’s when we stepped in to lift that conversion rate and make the most of the money that Rent This Bike was spending on their ads.

The Brief from RTB

  • Enhance the overall design of the website
  • Improve the information architecture
  • Increase the conversion rate

Cleaning up the

Information Architecture & Menu

As you can see, their menu crossed two lines and separation and organisation of dropdowns was unclear. We re-categorised the site, merged a number of their menus and cleaned up the appearance.

Before & After

A shiny new design.


USPs & Clear Direction for Users

We wanted to make Rent This Bike’s value very clear to users and also showcase their top bikes on offer. We re-worked the home page to create a clear separation of values vs products. Linked to their social accounts and also their core categories.

For a website re-theme on a budget, we’re pretty pleased with these results. Now Rent This Bike is ready for Black Friday and their upcoming ad campaigns with no worries about their conversion rate wasting ad spend!

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