User Experience Predictions for the June Algorithm Update

Erin Payne

Jun 04 . 4 min

Customer experience is already proving to be one of the most important factors in 2021. With the bar set much higher in terms of information architecture and ease of use, users have a shorter fuse for websites that are difficult to use, seem untrustworthy, or don’t provide enough information about the service or product. It only takes a couple of negative interactions to put someone off of a site and send the customer to a competitor.

So, how do you ensure users have the best experience when they visit your website? We have come up with a few predictions to give you the competitive edge:

Our 2021 market environment predictions

Putting the user first

The user wants to be your number one. They want the website to talk about what it can do for them, rather than what the business does in general. Usability and the human factor is a core principle of User Experience and one that isn’t changing anytime soon. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you want to see if you were the customer? What information is important to you? What would make you feel special?

Your values are important

A lot of things have changed since 2020 and many people are more conservative with their spending habits and the businesses they support. McKinsey & Company found global consumers anticipate pulling back on spending due to COVID-19 and spending frequency has gone down. Since they’re being more deliberate with where they spend their money, they want to know your business values and have them align with their own.


In a similar vein to your values, choosing local is more important than ever as users look towards domestic purchases in a landscape where international trust is so low. Now in 2021, users are caring more about potential shipping delays, border closures, and giving back to the local economy when purchasing online, with 82 per cent of consumers saying they would spend more to support local businesses since the pandemic began. Make sure you aren’t on the naughty list!

End-to-end information feed

Users are looking for clear communication throughout the purchase process, from the first touchpoint right up until a product or service is received by the customer. Incorporating text messages, well-formatted email notifications, and clear communication of what the customer can expect from your product or service is essential. In fact, a CEI Survey found only 1% of users say e-Commerce expectations every time.

Location, location, location

International targeting and a region-specific content isn’t a nice-to-have in 2021, it’s a must-have! A website with personalisation or retained customer information is also highly desirable. Remember, your customer is unique, so treat them as individuals, not numbers.

How to prepare for the algorithm update

We are all about eliminating negative user experience and want to help create the right first impression when someone hits a site. With all the changes happening in user experience this year (and every year), there are some key areas we are working through in 2021.

Improving page speed

Speed has always been important. Remember when a site would take seconds to load? Well, now we want it in milliseconds. In preparation for the 2021 UX Core Algorithm Update in June, we are focusing on speed and responsiveness of a website to ensure our clients are ready for the change.

Reviewing content and information architecture

We are looking at how the site is laid out and what is presented to a user through a CRO and UX lens, taking advantage of VWO’s tracking to gather the relevant data. This ensures the most important information and USPs are viewed by the highest number of users.

Testing value propositions

As mentioned, company values are an important factor for users, so testing these is crucial. To ensure we have the data to back up our decisions, we are using VWO split testing to look at how those values are worded, positioned or presented.

Adding additional services to our books

The digital landscape is constantly changing, so we are always on the lookout for the latest thing users want. Whether it’s SMS marketing or looking at CRMs through our sister company Agora, we are constantly evolving.

International targeting

When you’re online, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Through the use of SEO and adjusting values per country, we can easily help our clients adjust to wherever a user may be.

Don’t forget about your customer

At the end of the day, it really does come down to one thing: your customer. Now more than ever, creating a digital experience that ticks the right boxes for your customers is essential. Though we understand as the digital landscape continues to change in 2021, it can be difficult to keep up. Our predictions, along with some powerful tools, can help you make it happen.

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