How to Get the Best Results When Working With a Digital Agency

Edward Lologa

Jun 01 .

Perfect agency, meet perfect client

Gone are the days of the “jack of all trades” when marketing in the digital world was brushed with a broad stroke. The number of channels to reach your audience online has increased dramatically over the years, combined with the constant evolution of platforms to include in your marketing mix and constant changes and updates to these. The shift has seen a real need in experts who specialise in specific core areas within the various digital disciplines, like Search Engine Optimisation, website User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimisation, social media, and paid advertising.

Marketers understand the importance of this, as highlighted by a recent report carried out by leading global CRM and marketing tool, HubSpot, which found 69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021. The appetite for leveraging what digital has to offer in order to increase revenue has driven the demand to engage digital agencies that focus on offering specialised and targeted solutions.

There is a lot that can be found on choosing the perfect agency, but surprisingly not too much about how clients can help ensure the relationship is lucrative for all. As cliche as that old saying sounds: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”, it beautifully sums up the essence of achieving so much more when we work together.

This begs the question, how can businesses get the most value out of their partnership with a digital agency?

Define your business and goals

First, you need to define clear goals on what your business wants to achieve. Understanding your goals and your unique selling points means you can communicate this to your agency, and they know exactly what you are looking for, aligning their work with these. Believe it or not, many businesses commence working with an agency without the basic fundamentals of understanding their position in the market and their true point of difference.

Allocate the time that it deserves

While an agency is there to handle your marketing, they can’t do it all without your input! They want their work to be exactly what you are looking for, while also being on brand. Schedule in time to work on items that require your input, such as feedback and review of the agency’s work, as well as providing information and resources the agency may not have direct access to.

Timelines and approvals

In the same vein as time allocation for your work, it’s also important to create realistic timeframes for the agency, including your time for reviewing. An agency will give an estimate of how long something will take, but this is dependent on your approval. Plan together and be flexible, give enough notice for tasks, and make sure you understand the approval process for work.

Understand that the agency is an extension of your business

A good agency is an extension of your team – not external to it. While they may not work in house, the best agency client relationships are where it feels like they kind of do! Work together to find the best ways to collaborate and communicate, and make sure they have access and are involved in important meetings that could affect their work. You hired an agency because they are experts in their field. Trust them to do the best they can to get you great results!

While it is important to find a great agency, it is also important to meet them halfway to ensure the best results. A combination of trust, communication, and shared resources can help you get the best bang for your buck!

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