How to Best Use Seasonal Keywords This Christmas

Erin Payne

Dec 12 .

It’s the festive season! And with it, new strategies for marketing your site. Whether you’re in retail, travel, or finances, Christmas is a great time to focus on seasonal content and snag some coveted seasonal keywords through blogs and landing pages.

But how can you make sure your strategy works?

Here are some of my top tips:

Start early

Yeah, it’s a bit late to be saying that, but even if you can’t start early this year, you can for next year! Crafting strategies and finding the right keywords takes time, and a lot of people start their shopping long before December rolls around – not to mention what your competitors could be doing! Take this year as a learning tool and try some of these tips, then refine for 2023.

Chase the longtail

Keywords like “Christmas gifts 2022” are very broad and very competitive. While you can still use terms like this, it’s helpful to expand them to really get down to your audience, while also being able to compete with other brands targeting similar terms. For example, if you owned a womens fashion brand, you may want to go for something like “Christmas gift guide for her 2022” or “Dresses she’ll love getting on Christmas morning”.

Find your niche

Keywords should also be very specific to your industry and offering. This ensures you hit those lower competition terms, while also answering user intent, which ultimately will help with your rankings. Similar to longtail terms, these are usually three or more words relative to what you are selling. These could even be keywords you already have, just adding Christmas phrases to them. For example, if you owned a pet products store, you may have keywords like “best puppy presents” and can add “for Christmas” to it.

Build landing pages

Once you have a good list of keywords relevant to your brand and the season, the next step is creating content around it. A great way to do this is through landing pages. Gift guides are a great option and can be updated each year, used a category in your shop or site that is “always on” but is updated with new products and ideas each year.

Craft blogs

To support your festive landing pages, as well as pages that are more static (and not seasonal), blogs are essential (and I’m not just saying that cause I love writing!). When it comes to blogs and seasonal keywords, they are a match made in heaven! Using a games store, some ideas could be:

  • What Your Partner Really Wants: 5 Best Board Game Gifts for Him or Her
  • Latest Video Games in the Market: Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family
  • 7 Cheap But Insanely Fun Tabletop Games 2022


Review and plan for the next season

After the festive season and all the sales have died down, it’s time to see what worked and what didn’t. This is your opportunity to analyse the data and find out what to plan for next year. Circling back to point one – start planning early! While we don’t mean having everything ready in January, analysing the season past and getting some general ideas pencilled up can help a lot later in the year.

Until next year...

Christmas is a crazy, fun time of year but don’t let it slip away! Consider the above if you want to take advantage of Christmas searchers or get prepared early for the next season, and if you need more help, give us a call.

This is also the final article in our Sales Series for 2022. You can see our other blogs for the season below!

And from the whole iterate team, we hope you have a very happy holidays.


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