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Leading the Australian Investment Market with Offset Property.

Leading the

Australian Investment Market

Offset Property is a real estate listing site with a twist. Beyond offering exciting investment opportunities, they also offer complimentary services to assist with financial & investment advice which really sets them apart from competitors like realestate.com and Domain. Though the good times don’t stop there, Offset Property partners with luxury Australian property developers that they have pre-qualified as a-grade investments, ensuring top notch quality, location, and blue-chip real estate.

The Offset Property Brief

  1. Design a website that conveys luxury to investors and sells the dream to homeowners
  2. Develop a real estate search functionality so that users can easily find their property
  3. Create an easy to use mega menu
  4. Highlight the services that Offset Property provides to investors and owner occupiers
  5. Track user movement on the site and constantly improve on the design

Offset isn’t your average Joe, it’s the kind of Joe that knows what’s up in Real Estate and can score you a great investment that’ll grow in value. Better yet, this Joe has his finger on the pulse, and exclusive access to opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. We needed to make these things abundantly clear from the moment the page loads. “But Iterate, how did you do this?” You might be thinking. Well young whippersnapper, keep reading.

The Process

Discovery & Research

We started off with the research component, our bread and butter, and began to map out how our ideal users would interact with this website. We settled on our two key target markets:

1. Property Investors
2. Owner Occupiers

We decided that for SEO and usability, it was best to split the target groups so that the user never has to guess whether this website was made for them. This especially mattered because there are specific services for each group, which had potential to become confusing for the user & messy for Offset Property, if not handled correctly.

UX Wireframes & Mapping the Site Functionality

We had a lightbulb moment and came up with a few core functionalities that the website needed, and they were as follows;

  1. Interactive mega menu to quickly filter search results
  2. A search functionality on each core page to direct the user exactly where they want to go
  3. An advanced search for…
    a. Type of home
    b. Location search
    c. Number of rooms
    d. Number of bathrooms
    e. Construction status
    f. Construction finish data
    g. Price range
    *takes a deep, suffocated breath in*
  4. Map integration
  5. Featured listings
  6. Marketing qualified contact forms which split up the name of the development as well as their property partners to keep track of leads *exhales*

UI Designs & Solidifying

The Usability

Finally we could put everything together and start to see what this website would look like in action, and boy is it a beauty. We started with the UI designs and ensured the website was achieving peak usability. We ended up changing a few things around in this phase because, in hindsight, they looked better in wireframing than in the final design. And that’s a good Oprah moment there folks, always refer to your goal & be willing to change if it isn’t serving said goal. We also took the opportunity to improve and add some additional features because, why not? Sprinkle a little something-something extra, and make the whole thing a little more delightful.

Content Optimisation

Last but not least, SEO. We optimised the heck out of the content across all core pages of the site to make sure we were gathering service related search terms and sending people to the right page. The content optimisation doesn’t stop-timisation there though, we’re also currently working on a blog to help boost optimisation and improve the value we can offer to users. Offset Property is at the forefront of the real estate and the property market and their insider knowledge is manila folder worthy, and NEEDS to be shared. . We don’t like adding blogs for the sake of blogs, but when our client can add this much value, we just have to. With Offset Property changing the game in the real estate space, and Iterate leading the pack with CRO, we became the dynamic duo that Offset not only needed, but wanted. We’ve laid the groundwork for a grey goose vodka-level, smooth experience, and will continue to optimise this website to grow website visitors, and raise those profits.

If you want to work with our stellar team to make some magic, like Offset did, then enquire below and we will be in touch.

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